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SMB solutions for on-site storage & security


Foremost on the minds of corporate IT and business owners is how they can help departments and teams work better, faster and in a truly collaborative manner to meet if not exceed business goals.

An indispensable feature of today’s corporate office set-up, networking, and internet technologies support data storage and sharing of critical information, documents and business intelligence to empower corporate agility, facilitate informed decision-making and sharpen a company's competitive edge.

Companies using internet-backed networking technology and centralized data storage enjoy multiple operational advantages so long as there are proper network protection protocols in place.

Otherwise, companies are at risk of security breaches, resulting in the loss of sensitive business data that could endanger their operations


Statistics show that 60% of network security breaches are either an inside job or self-inflicted. Employees accessing the office network have the means to steal data or commit corporate sabotage especially in the absence of proper protection protocols.

Much of the data theft usually occurs under the business owner’s nose – the employee will use the office network to send confidential data via email, messaging or as attachments without running the risk of exposure. Data loss can also result from self-inflicted missteps - networks left unprotected are easy targets for sophisticated hacking operations.

Most SMBs cannot afford full-time IT personnel to guide the development of their network. They often deploy multiple servers as a quick fix in solving problems as and when they arise, creating multiple gateways for hackers to infiltrate networks.

More often than not, the lack of integrated network development strategy by SMBs make it all the more difficult to provide seamless network protection across the range of different appliances.

Challenges arise from:


The sprawl of network appliances and servers introduced as a quick fix to solve problems

The lack of interoperability of vendor devices

Over investment resulting in overlapping functions

The absence of experienced IT staff to develop an integrated network strategy



The lack of tools to monitor and discover network communications 

The lack of analytical tools to quickly display the results of an investigation

The high cost of network forensics technology


Our 3-in-1 Security & Storage solution is an effective yet affordable system that offers robust network protection for SMBs.

Integrating a state-of-art Firewall, a powerful NAS and e-Netdata Network Security tool to support Lawful Interception, this powerful system can be integrated on a single server with pre-configured settings, allowing for immediate deployment.

Our multiple application configuration enables users to maximize server capacity for mass file storage with managed access for network protection and full-featured Firewall for intrusion detection, anti-virus content filtering, VPN as well as carrier-grade network forensics and lawful interception functionality.

Our 3-in-1 solution will enhance corporate IT and business owners' control, protection and management of their network while providing HR with a tool to discover and monitor employee’s usage and behavior on the corporate network.


Provide immediate protection of your network from internet attacks

Protect sensitive information and data from internal access

Stop business loss caused by employee carelessness or misbehavior

Protect customer’s property


Increase company image

Provide proactive means for detecting threats and intrusion attempts

Collect and save data as lawful evidence for future need

Increase employee productivity