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Prodatanet, Inc.

Fast and Best Internet Services

Prodatanet,  Inc is dedicated to empowering business agility and efficiency for the next wave of technology's impact on the enterprise. We are an established and trusted end-to-end business solutions provider helping enterprises simplify, integrate and maximize their IT network performance for greater efficiency, team productivity and critical cost savings.

As a one-stop provider of SMB and enterprise IT needs. We offer disruptive and Green Technology services:


From PCs to servers


State-of-the art network forensics and regulatory compliance


Bandwidth and telecommunications


Managed IT services


We customize to maximize, creating scalable solutions to meet our customers' unique needs. We provide free Network Consultancy as we recognize that no two companies have the same requirements.

As a business-friendly IT partner, we provide financing, extended warranty and MIS support services for a complete range of enterprise solutions.

Our PCs and servers use state-of-the-art and Green Technology to provide superior performance, durability and energy efficiency. With low power consumption and greater processing capability, our systems will deliver productivity gains and pay for themselves from energy cost savings.

Make us your IT partner to empower your business with an efficient, customized and secure network. We will support your efforts to propel your company to the next level and meet the challenges of “Today's Technological Age”.