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e-Total Control

  • Commercially ready real-time Network Forensics and Lawful Interception total solution for small and medium businesses, enterprise, banking and finance, educational institutions, government departments and more
  • High performance, low cost platform used by forensics and intelligence agencies for internet traffic archiving, interception and auditing for performance indexing 
  • Archived and reconstructed internet data can be used as legal evidence in criminal prosecution or civil cases
  • Improves overall productivity and IT security for enterprise while protecting its business reputation and IP rights
  • Caches sensitive data leakage and source to prevent data loss
  • Monitors employees performance and archives employees correspondence in line with company policy and core values
  • Answers the who-what-when-why-where-how of network use
  • Secures data and record keeping and retains client information to minimize sabotage by departing staff
  • Provides business owner with pertinent details on company operations

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Model e-Netdata e-Total Control
Services & Protocols
email POP3, SMTP, IMAP
Webmail Yahoo, Gmail
(Read and Sent) Windows Live Hotmail, Hinet, PCHome, URL, Giga, Yam, Sina, Seednet, mail.tom.com, mail.163.com, sohu.com
Instant Messenger / Chat Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger(MSN), ICQ, AOL, QQ, UT Chat Room, Google Talk, IRC,
Skype VOIP Log - includes File Transfer through IM in some supported protocols
HTTP HTTP Link (URL), HTTP Content, HTTP Reconstruct, HTTP Upload / Download, Video Stream,
HTTP Request, Social Network Services (Facebook, Twitter, Plurk)
FTP FTP Upload / Download
P2P P2P Details Log - Bit Torrent, eMule / eDonkey etc.
Online Games 80++ Online Games
Telnet / BBS with Playback
VOIP Yahoo Messenger VOIP
Webcam VOIP MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Webcam
System Access HTTPS Remote Monitoring
Group / User Yes
Data Backup Yes, Restore Server, NAS / SAN based FTP server etc.
Web Browser Access Yes (using IE, Firefox, Chrome etc.)
Data Mining and Search       Yes (Search by Parameters, Search by Words), Similar Search Function, User Account Relationship Tracing
Alert / Notification Yes, Alert / Notification by Parameters, by Keywords                                                                                                                            
Throughput Alert Yes
Station Management Yes (NetBIOS, Active Directory info.)
Storage Management       Yes
Upgrade Web based Upgrade
Reports Yes, Comprehensive reporting, Total throughput statistical report with top-down view,
Per user reporting with top-down view
Schedule Reporting Yes, Provide daily log report in Excel format