Firewall: First Line of Defense

Protection against known & unknown threats


Where there is a “network”, there should be a “Firewall” to protect against known and unknown threats. Firewall filters every internet session and data packet passing through the network based on rules configured into the system. Put simply, the Firewall is an essential investment for SMEs and enterprises. 

In guarding a network's main gate, department, workgroup or small business, the Firewall will isolate external threats and disturbances. Large enterprises usually need multiple Firewalls to strengthen the defense capability of sprawling networks from cyber attacks.

Available in appliance or server form, today’s Firewall solutions have been developed as part of a co-operative system or module to offer multiple functionalities from anti-virus protection to intrusion detection, proxy etc, all working together to block diverse external threats.

A firewall is also critical to securing connected LANs with Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Its bandwidth management feature allows companies to regulate network use, avoiding congestion issues that result when office networks have been abused while ensuring better staff productivity.


No business can afford to take network security for granted in “Today’s Technological Age”. Sophisticated networks operated by governments, banks, retailers and other large institutions have all suffered catastrophic cyber attacks in the recent past.

Whether it is internal sabotage or advanced persistent threats originating externally, every organization needs to protect and secure their network and proprietary and customer data against security breaches, data theft and rogue applications that can wreck untold damage on their operations.

Given the extraordinary sophistication, scale, coordination, and evolution of today’s cyberattacks, it is vital to implement protection protocols that can ensure continuous visibility into networks and leverage advanced forensic analysis to foresee, thwart and recover from security breaches


Prodatanet provides a range of full-featured Firewall appliances for network security and monitoring to protect networks from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

While boasting the smallest physical footprint and substantial energy efficiency, our range of mini Firewall appliances provides comprehensive security, alerting network subscribers to attempts by unauthorized users to breach their networks.

Our Firewall system searches a wide variety of data to filter web content transmitted across different web protocols for instances of compromise and malicious traffic. The protection protocols ensure a proactive discovery of compromise.

Ideal for homes to small and medium businesses all the way to the enterprise, educational institutions, and government use, our Firewall solutions are highly scalable. Add-on features can be easily installed to protect networks against today's sophisticated cyber attacks


All-in-one feature provides low entry cost for immediate use in securing a network

Solid field-proof Firewall with Dynamic Filtering to monitor network connections and determine which network packets to let through the Firewall while guarding against unauthorized users

Full-fledged web proxy combined with Stateful Packet Inspection provides analysis and filtering of web content transmitted across different web protocols

Sophisticated monitoring and reporting system for proactive discovery of network security compromise

Signature-based Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention System with auto-update for fast and accurate detection of anomalies and attacks 

User-friendly, web browser interface combined with scalable functional modules make installation of new features to the base system is one click away



Prioritizes traffic by application type or time of day with Bandwidth Management and Quality of Service features for increased user productivity

Content Filter feature strengthens network security and enforces web use policies

Transparent anti-virus feature

Supports IPv4 and IPv6, IPSec and OpenVPN

Significant energy savings from 30W power consumption while low heat emission reduces the need for heavy air-con use to cool the appliance

Offers corporate-level network protection for home users to SMBs, large corporations, school networks, and government agencies

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