Managed IT Services

Outsource your network management


As IT systems become more complex in line with enterprise’s unique and expanding demands, companies often find themselves spending more time managing their networks than on growing their business. 

Large enterprise may be able to afford a full-time IT and information security team team to handle network and data management but the cost is usually too prohibitive for small and medium businesses (SMBs). 

On the other hand, SMBs - which account for the bulk of business operators in most markets today -  tend to think they are too small for hackers to ignore. No business is too small for hackers to target. SMBs face the same security threats as large enterprise, but the lack of an information security team places them at greater risk.

Without proactive monitoring and timely repair of network issues, SMBs could find their business and reputation seriously compromised by today’s increasingly sophisticated security threats.


Prodatanet provides Managed IT Service with the goal of ensuring the right processes, people and technology are in place to enhance business flexibility, secure networks, deliver operational efficiencies and support SMBs in meeting their business goals. 

For SMBs concerned about the health, performance and security of their IT environment, our Managed Service is affordable and business-friendly. Our remote Managed Services are designed to support SMBs’ IT infrastructure no matter where they are. 

SMBs using our Managed Services can reduce their IT downtime, increase overall productivity without adding to their head count, get stats and reports on their IT environment as a proactive monitoring tool to alert them to critical IT issues and streamline maintenance of their IT assets for cost and operational efficiency.

We provide Managed IT Services for:







Business Process

Our Managed Services will:

Clean up customers network

Implement internet compliance policies for costumer

Agree on bandwidth management control with the business owner for each user

Go over the intended use of the internet with the business owner and set up controls that are in compliance with how the business owners wants
           employees to use the 

Our Internet will:

Improve HR department

Provide business owner with evidence of internet abuse by staff for use in labor or cyber crime cases in compliance with the Philippine Cyber 
           Crime Law RA 10175

Improve worker productivity and efficiency

Provide e-mail archiving service

Become part of business user's management team as a consultant

Improve company's business image by providing website and e-mail account

Upgrade CRM, Accounting, Internet Marketing over time

Many new products and services to offer customers as we get them developed

Multiple benefits for greater cost and operational efficiency:

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Provide predictability of cost and service level

Qualified resources

Quick trouble-shooting

Knowledge base of our IT experts

24x7x365 monitoring

Better risk management

Better IT practices

Vendor management

Infrastructure protection

Increase business availability

Business focused application support 

Complete auditing trails and detailed reports

Quality of services backed up by Service Level Agreement

Limited cash required to get started

Easy to upgrade

No equipment maintenance problems

No MIS expenses

Provide  proper network hardware configurations and access controls to user's internet and intranet

Provide monthly network performance reports

Priced to meet any business need and budget

Provide redundant services

The upside for companies using our Managed IT Services solutions is substantial. Companies can improve their IT infrastructure to become more agile and responsive to business opportunities and threats, improve the speed and quality of their customer service and delivery and reduce their operational cost and business risk by leveraging the knowledge of our IT experts and industry best practices.