Network Performance & Forensics

Bring Open Networks Under Tighter Control


The evolving nature of external security threats coupled with businesses' near total reliance on networking technologies have increased the pressure on companies to better understand employee behavior on corporate networks.

Evaluating staff performance, productivity and their network behavior have, however, become harder than ever. Off-site working is becoming the norm and the internet can be both an essential productivity tool and a distraction in the work place.

According to (2014) survey found 89% of respondents admitted wasting time on the internet at work. A small percentage reported wasting as much as half of an eight-hour work day on non-work-related activities.

Can a business owner get a true picture of network security and office productivity levels when the real truth is hidden in the binary language of computers? Can a business determine if the office network is being properly used or abused by staff?

In the mass of information generated on office networks today, it takes real skill to decipher who is and isn’t working. Who is time-wasting or, worse, opening the door to hackers by visiting undesirable websites or committing security breaches either through carelessness or intentionally.

Bandwidth management systems may appear to provide a means to regulate if not stop time-wasting on the office network. Such systems are only part of the solution.

Bandwidth management systems cannot decipher coded packet streams and convert the data into information that can be retrieved and analyzed to yield meaningful and actionable insights for the business owner.

As businesses come to rely heavily on IT networks today, protecting sensitive corporate data and tracking and monitoring staff network behavior have become more critical than ever.

A company can pre-empt data and financial loss, lawsuits as well as improve staff productivity by bringing its network under tighter control and supervision through systems that can filter and analyze network data.


Systems for Lawful Interception and Forensics Analysis have been developed to deal with the internet's impact on corporate network security, in particular the sharp rise in cyber crimes that have staggering real world impact on business, and in evaluating staff productivity levels.

At last count, leading insurer Lloyds estimated global companies were losing US$400 billion a year to cyber crime.

In compliance with the law, the system provides the necessary forensics of network traffic to support Lawful Interception and provide robust evidence for prosecution or civil suit, involving cyber crime as well as labor cases.

The system functions by intercepting all network data flow, abstracting proper packets of information and reconstructing sessions into a meaningful format for action to be taken.

Our e-Netdata Network Security and Forensics system extend across nearly all web and communications protocols - communication systems and tools, including e-mail, instant messaging, online chat, web browsing, online gaming, file transfers, telnet, and voice over IP, peer-to-peer and video streaming.

The system compiles archived and reconstructed internet data, which can be used as legal evidence in case of any dispute that has taken place on the internet. The system also ensures companies in the Philippines are in compliance with the 2012 Philippines Cyber-Crime Law RA 10175, providing a highly relevant application for enterprise, government agencies, the banking and finance services industry, small and medium business and schools and many more business sectors.

Crucially, the system also supports continuous internet content monitoring and auditing to ensure a network is orderly, healthy and free from vulnerability.

Network Forensics Service

Our Service Includes:

Setting up an intercepting device for the network

Capturing data from designated period of time (at least 1 day to as many days needed)

Reconstructing the data session for reading or replay



Demonstrating the reconstructed data for the customer

Generating an Analysis Report based on reconstructed data

The service can be performed to analyze a single suspect incident or executed periodically as contracted with Prodatanet, Inc. All recovered data can only be reviewed or displayed with the authority of the business owner who ordered the forensics analysis.