Network Implementation

Experienced team key to painless roll-out


Poorly conceived implementation can downgrade the performance of even the best network products. With the complexity and configurations involved in implementing network technology, upfront planning that focuses on critical areas is essential to pre-empt delays and integration problems.

Effective network planning covers multiple critical areas, from devising a robust architecture to ensuring consistent configurations, site readiness, and site testing and operational handover.

The human factor is equally crucial in the implementation process. Product information is both abundant and easily accessible today but it takes knowledge, expertise, and experience to undertake a proper and painless implementation. 

Because of the many configurations and complexity involved, it usually requires a group of experienced IT professionals with the expertise and knowledge of different technologies and domains to plan and collaborate in building the network right from the start.

The sad reality is many customers are unable to extract real value from their networks because implementation has been poorly conceived and solutions are incomplete.

Without upfront planning that takes into account the essentials of implementation, it’s as good as throwing time and money away.


Our engineering team has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to lead and support the effective implementation of network technologies. Our team can help business users plan, design, implement and integrate enterprise networking technology in their operations to support communications, agility, and collaboration that are greatly prized by corporate users.

Network Implementation

Our team can help with:

Integrating Local Area Networks (LAN) attached to broadband or backbone

Wireless back haul to connect head and branch offices 

Wireless LAN to service all kinds of indoor and outdoor venues and fields



VoIP integrated   into one network to deliver cost savings in terms of equipment, telephone lines, manpower and maintenance

Surveillance networks tailored to customers' needs, allowing users to transition from legacy systems without the prohibitive cable re-
           installation costs while delivering enhanced 
           security monitoring to support decision-making