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New ways surveillance systems can help your company


With their wide range of styles and features, security camera systems have become commonplace in homes, offices, malls, factories, on the streets and just about most public venues these days.

Surveillance systems offer wide-ranging applications but are commonly used to deter theft and vandalism and for safety and monitoring.

However, surveillance systems have many more wide-ranging uses. The systems can be used to provide greater business security – as a management tool to monitor staff productivity and in gathering market intelligence straight from the shop floor to better develop engagement activities that resonate with consumers.

The combination of advanced features within a sturdy camera case or discreet design ensures a video surveillance system can be installed in almost any location.

As such, surveillance systems are ideal for monitoring inside and outside of businesses, offices, factories and homes, recording in remote locations, or recording high-quality video to identify suspicious people and track employee productivity.

Analog high definition surveillance cameras - powered by internet networking coursed through existing cable systems to send and receive data and augmented by free mobile apps for remote monitoring on internet-enabled devices - create tremendous business opportunities and applications


On-site surveillance has become a challenge for businesses and homes that are equipped with older analog security systems.

When systems become outdated, the cost of running them far outweighs the benefits of investing in surveillance. Grainy picture quality, lengthy search times, reduced reliability and flaws in the older system's equipment and software all add up to impact performance, affect decision-making and accumulate costs in the long-term.

Transitioning from older analog and proprietary video surveillance systems to newer high definition equipment and IP-based technologies are often hampered by a variety of factors, not least user comfort with the older system.

Other perceived barriers include concerns that new structured cabling will be needed along with other logistical challenges arising during the installation that could be costly, time-consuming and disruptive


Our range of Analog High-Definition DVR and weather-proof Cameras addresses every level of surveillance requirements, from security to loss prevention and serves as a marketing and management tool to provide insights straight from the shop floor or track worker productivity.

Combining broadcast quality imaging at double the resolution of most major brands in the market with sound recording capabilities, our system provides a complete record of what transpires at any site. Users can expect enhanced security monitoring to facilitate decision-making.

No expensive re-cabling is required for installation - our AHD equipment can run on existing infrastructure. This point alone makes the AHD system a compelling proposition since it brings down the cost of a major upgrade and reduces the disruption associated with any transition.

Offering ceiling or wall-mounted installation, our AHD systems include a remote access feature that allows a home or organization’s security to be tracked through internet-enabled devices from anywhere in the world, while compression technology reduces the need for extensive storage requirements.

The system is also highly scalable, allowing companies to migrate their systems over time to realize the benefits of enhanced security monitoring.


Provides superior surveillance monitoring with 4 channel real-time surveillance DVR fully integrated with AHD cameras for home and small businesses

DVR is equipped with the latest hardware compression technology, reducing the need for extensive storage space while HDD                                   support  provides extensive storage capacity

Supports a variety of recording modes including scheduled, motion detection, continuous or a combination of any recording mode

Supports TV and PC monitor output

Resolution at 1.3MP pixels

The camera is encased in a weather-proof metal shell for greater durability

Energy-efficient camera at 12W power use