Customize Servers for Efficiency

Tailor fit systems to optimize business performance


Outdated silo server configurations are adding an unnecessary operational cost burden on companies in the Philippines, which has one of the highest energy rates in Asia.

In today’s difficult operating environment, the traditional server sprawl - based on the one application per server model - is unsustainable.

Silo servers in many companies typically run at about 20% of their capacity. The idle time represents a significant IT cost that can never be recouped. Add to that the hidden power and air-con costs for cooling the equipment since servers run all-day, 365 days of the year.

By not consolidating, companies lose out on a number of benefits, from achieving cost efficiency to streamlining their operations.

The bottom line: Companies need to optimize equipment use and extract greater value from their IT networks while keeping energy and TCO costs in check in order to maximize investment in their business.


Our Green Technology line of servers consumes only 30W of energy per basic unit, rising to 80W when equipped with multiple applications compared to most servers’ 350W power use.

Big on energy efficiency and low on heat emission, our servers are performance-oriented, durable and do not require strong air-conditioning to cool the units.

On top of that, we customize our solutions by deploying game-changing server consolidation technology to house multiple apps, OS, storage and more on a single server in 2-in-1 to 6-in-1 configurations. One of our consolidated servers can do the job of 6.

An office equipped with 1 consolidated server, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 4 weeks a month, can cut unnecessary costs, from power to equipment maintenance, maximize equipment use and secure operational efficiency from quicker management and deployment to better ROI benefits


Cost Savings

Fewer servers provide benefits in reduced cost for power consumption, cooling, floor space requirements, cabling, and IT budgets.

As much as 50% of IT budgets normally go to IT personnel, which can be streamlined with few servers to manage.

Energy costs are also significantly reduced as the Meralco App Calculator shows.

This is an important consideration as the Philippines has one of Asia’s highest power rates.


(Meralco uses 2010 rates for its App Calculator)

Calculation based on  24 hours per day 7  days a week  4 weeks a month

Appliance​ # Units​ Day​ Month​ ​Year
​Std server 750W  Actual use 375W 6 531 14,893​ 178,716​
E-Net Mini Server 200W  Actual use 80W 1 ​12 ​529 6,348​





Improve efficiency

Server consolidation will increase the equipment's utilization rate while reducing IT labor requirements, allowing companies to maximize their investment in equipment and lower TCO.

Centralize control

Server consolidation will allow companies to centralize control of desktop OS and applications and enjoy the benefits from a reduced number of software licenses and enhanced security with application updates done on one the server.

Enhanced security

Periodic point-in-time snapshots of work can be copied or replicated to other storage systems. Security patch updates can also be done at the server level.

Greater flexibility

The biggest strategic advantage companies that consolidate server requirements enjoy is the greater flexibility the move provides to efficiently adapt the infrastructure to incorporate new technologies and respond to new business requirements.

Business continuity

Consolidated and virtualized server environments can support live migration to another physical server, allowing for maintenance without having to shut down the server. Live migration limits downtime and supports business continuity